iRobot OS
Our exclusive operating system that lets users control where, when and how their robots clean.
Hvad kan iRobot OS gøre for dig?
The more it learns, the less you clean. It’s continually learning to provide a cleaning experience that’s customized just for you.

Respect. Connect. Understand.

iRobot OS er ikke kun rengøring – det samarbejder på intelligent vis med dig og dit hjem. Ved at lære, respektere og tilpasse sig hjemmet, dine vaner og behov kan iRobot OS skræddersy en rengøringsplan, der passer perfekt til dig.
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Introducing Dirt Detective, a hassle-free way to maintain a clean home with our new Roomba® j9/j9+ and Roomba Combo® j9+ robots.

Does the planning. Does the cleaning.

Dirt Detective powered by iRobot OS automatically prioritizes the dirtiest rooms and selects the ideal settings for each job, ensuring your home remains clean.

Check your iRobot Home App for a detailed home cleanliness map. iRobot OS tracks the state of cleanliness room-by-room based on past cleans, dirt events & floor types, so your robot knows what the next messy priority is.

Intuitively knows which rooms have been cleaned and what the next messy priority is. Vacuums your dirty kitchen before the already-clean bedroom.

Dirt Detective knows best. Your robot remembers your living room has a rug, automatically sets the number of cleaning passes, and adjusts suction level for an optimal clean.

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Cleaning where you want

Learns and labels every room in a single run

After its first run, iRobot OS automatically labels the rooms in your home so you can vacuum where you want, when you want – 7x faster than before.

Obstacles like pet waste, charging cords and shoes don’t get in the way of j Series robots finishing the whole job because it uses PrecisionVision Navigation to detect & avoid objects.

P.O.O.P. (Pet Owner Official Promise)* means our Roomba j-Series robot vacuums will steer clear of your pet’s waste. If it doesn’t, we'll replace your robot for free.

Our robots understand more voice commands than any other robot (3). Use your voice assistant (2) to tell your robot to clean by the dishwasher, behind the couch, or in front of the stove.

iRobot OS learns your cleaning habits and home to make personalized suggestions for you. Receive suggestions for scheduled cleanings, Keep Out Zones, and Clean Zones for messy areas that need a more targeted cleaning.

Cleaning when you want

Your schedule is complicated. Let us take cleaning off it

For powerful cleaning that works with your routines, iRobot OS knows the specific rooms and times you like to clean, like in the kitchen after breakfast, and suggests personalized schedules.

View an estimate of the time a certain cleaning job will take so you can align it to your schedule.

iRobot OS provides thoughtfully intelligent suggestions like extra cleaning schedules during pet shedding season sent right to your phone.

With iRobot OS, you can choose to set your robot to start cleaning when you leave and stop when you come home, so you only notice the clean, but never the cleaning. For life’s do-not-disturb moments, you can schedule downtime for your robot when it won’t clean or empty.

Cleaning how you want

SmartScrub eliminates 80% of coffee, grime, and stubborn messes*

Some areas of the home need a deeper clean–pawprints in the mudroom, spills under the kitchen table, tiles in your bathroom. Simply enable SmartScrub and your Roomba ComboTM j9+ will scrub back-and-forth, just like you would.

Set your cleaning preferences in each area of your house and create a personalized cleaning experience. You can select extra cleaning passes in high-traffic spots and lighter cleaning in areas you use less often.

Child & Pet Lock can be set in the iRobot Home App to prevent an accidental start from paws or playtime.

iRobot uses the highest standards of data encryption backed by our promise to keep your information safe — using the data to provide a better experience and help your robot perform at its best.

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